Heaven Invade Earth

Revivalist Ministries is a faith based nonprofit located in the beautiful Foothills of North Carolina. We are a collective of worship leaders, speakers, and creatives who are passionate lovers of Jesus. As a team of close friends that live in various parts of the United States, our passion is to see the Kingdom of Heaven come to Earth. Our goal is to make earth a visible expression of Heaven’s invisible reality. 

Simply put, our vision is to see everyone become a revivalist. A revivalist is someone who brings things back to their original intent. It’s someone who restores what has been disused and misused. In all that we do, our passion is to bring the Kingdom into every facet of life. Through music and arts, through teaching, and through business, we hope to restore things to God‘s original design. 


God is our Father, and He is good.
Christ is our perfect brother, and He is the ultimate role model.
Holy Spirit is our living compass that points us towards our destiny.
The Bible is the letter from our Father that shows us how the Kingdom works.


We resolve that the Holy Spirit acts as your compass, not your map. Maps can only take you where someone has already been. A compass sets your eyes on your Father, as you pioneer untouched territory.

We believe that the Genesis of the revivalist lifestyle is found in our willingness to confront ourselves. Biblically based knowledge coupled with Spirit-led, strategic innovation creates an opportunity for life and ministry to work in tandem.

We will not insult God with small vision, but we will dream for things that can only be accomplished with teamwork. You are not alone, and relationships are paramount to sustained momentum.


We will not remain comfortable at the expense of expansion. We will not maintain control at the cost of growth. We want to empower and release individuals to be cultural architects.

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